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Propane Heaters & Torches Training

Duration: Classroom Training: 5 hours

Propane Heaters & Torches Course Objectives

This Propane Heaters & Torches Training course is designed for construction workers who want to obtain the information necessary to meet the requirements of the CAN/CSA-B149.2 Propane Installation Code.

Course Description

Subjects of the program include:
  • Propane Storage and Handling Code
  • provincial regulations with respect to the handling, storing, transporting
  • installation of propane cylinders
  • safe use and installation of direct and indirect fired construction heaters and hand-held propane torches.

This course includes both a written and hands-on practical examination. The student must satisfactorily complete the hands-on practical exam and obtain a mark of at least 75% on the written exam in order to meet the certification requirements of the Propane Training Institute.
After completing the training program and successfully passing the examination for the P.T.I 400-01 Connection & Use of Construction Heaters up to 400,000 BTUH students will be issued a 90-day temporary Record of Training Certificate.
** The Record of Training Certificate is valid only for a period of 36 months after having completed the training or retraining.


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