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driving safe this summer

Driving Safe this Summer: 11 Strategies for Safe Driving

With summer approaching, many people take vacations, cross-country road trips or day trips. Of course we need to mind the laws of the road like driving the speed limit, using your seat belt, and not drinking and driving, but there are other things to remember when driving this summer (and all the time!) Stay safe…
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NATT Offering Exciting Truck Driving Scholarship

An exciting new truck driving scholarship program from NATT (Northern Academy of Transportation Training) gives people the opportunity to gain their AZ Drivers license (MELT- Mandatory Entry Level Training) with up to full cost of tuition completely paid for. The objective of the scholarship program is to provide financial assistance to a newly admitted student…
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winter driving tips sudbury

Winter Driving Tips

Whether you’re going a long distance out of town, or just trying to drive through rough weather conditions on local road, here are 10 safe winter driving tips. Check weather and road conditions often When you’re about to drive and aren’t sure of the road conditions or predicted weather, check the weather station, road updates, and…
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How to Find the Best Truck Driving School Sudbury

How to Find the Best Truck Driving School

Whether you are choosing truck driving as a first career, or going back to truck driving school as a second career, you want to find the best truck driving school that will provide you with the practical and theoretical skills needed to become a successful truck driver. Here are some tips to help you find…
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how to get a dz license

How to Get a DZ License

Are you curious about how to get a DZ License? In this article, we share details of what is included when you get your DZ License, jobs available, and how to get a DZ license. What is a DZ License? When you get your DZ Drivers License, you can drive a motor vehicle exceeding 11,000…
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