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AZ/DZ Graduate Testimonials

Read what our students are saying!

“I would like to thank you guys for helping me get my AZ. You guys have the best professional instructors and I’m glad I chose NATT for my AZ license.” Josh Hikopua

“I would like to say some great feed back about your trainer Adam, he is a great trainer in my opinion and is a great asset to your organization. He was very polite and informative on all of the knowledge leading up to the tests, also how he would draw and describe everything for us and show us visually. I have been on many training courses where I want to fall asleep in class due to the dry material. With Adam it was different I was able to stay awake and want to learn more because of how he teaches and kept our attention. He gets excited which in turn made me excited and want to be there bravo to Adam on keeping me awake and alert on this course.
P.S I passed my written A and my Z thanks to the great training I received.” Jonathan Riberdy, AZ Program 2021

“Thanks again for all your help! Your communication made this process very easy! I was very satisfied with my experience. Adam was one of the coolest guys I have ever met and the best instructor I have ever had. I have written a 5 star review on google :).” Christopher Williams, AZ Program 2021

“My experience at NATT was great! I wasn’t there long but the trainers were amazing! They were both very knowledgeable and easy to relax around as it made everything less stressful on us while learning lots of new things!” Shane, AZ Program 2021

“The NATT program was really good! I went in not knowing a whole lot about the requirements of being an AZ driver and what to expect but I came out with so much knowledge. All of the driver trainers took the time to show us what to do and not to do. I recommend the NATT program to anyone looking to upgrade their license. Keep up the great work!!” Colin, AZ Program 2021

“NATT schooling was exactly as advertised! Professional, knowledgeable instructors delivered the program in a friendly way. The experience was fun and safety oriented. I would highly recommend this program to others.” Angela Shaler, AZ Program 2020

“The BEST course I’ve ever been in! The teachers are AMAZING and so patient! I couldn’t have made it without them. Thank you!” Carole Denis, AZ Program 2020

“My training at NATT was a blast I had so much fun learning how to drive. All the trainers were amazing and taught me everything I needed to know. This program is a great opportunity and I have recommended it to friends already and will continue to recommend it to others!” Jerode Duchesne – AZ Graduate 2019

“The course was very good. It’s nice to see how far you come to when you started. The instructors are very patient and know their stuff.” Hamid Nasserulla – AZ Graduate 2019

“The course was great! The staff at NATT were very open and helpful. They helped me set everything up and never gave up on me. If I had issues, they encouraged me to keep going and not to give up. The staff and teachers helped me reach my goals and I am now a full licenced AZ driver. Thanks for everything guys! You’re awesome!” Kathryn Stephen – AZ Graduate 2019

“I was looking for a career change and I searched out AZ training providers in the Sudbury area. It wasn’t long in speaking with NATT’s General Manager Brian and what NATT offers during and after graduation that my decision was an easy one. NATT’s 6 week AZ training course provided me with top notch in class and in truck instruction and all the tools required to pass the MTO’s road test. In April 2019 I passed the MTO road test and now I’m looking into the 6 week TPS Coach Program where I will have a mentor in cab performing paid long haul trips.” Mark Dillon – AZ Graduate 2019

“I attended NATT from February 4th, 2019 to March 19th, 2019 and in that time I received hands on and theoretical training. I felt that the course gave me the adequate knowledge to begin a career in the trucking industry. Both instructors seemed to be very knowledgeable in their field, and all other staff was very approachable and understanding. I would recommend NATT to anyone thinking of starting their career in trucking and encourage the school to continue to bring ride along students with them.” Harrison Noble

“NATT is a well rounded professional driving school. They have provided me with everything I needed to successfully complete my AZ training. The instructors Adam and Trevor are both very knowledgeable and respectful making the training much less stressful. A week of in class training was very helpful before going driving as well. Adam was able to make the week more interesting and fun too. All in all, I think NATT is a great school with even better instructors.” Nicholas Chevrette, AZ Graduate

“My experience at NATT was awesome. They have amazing staff, the instructors are informative. I would recommend this course to anybody. The course was very intense , but as time went by the course was getting easier and more understandable.” Patrick Sampson- AZ Graduate

“I had a very good experience at NATT. I got my DZ at another training company 1.5 years ago, there is no comparison with the two. NATT was very descriptive with all the rules and laws, many small tips on how to succeed. Everyone I talked with had an awesome, positive attitude and was super helpful. I would always personally recommend NATT to anyone wanting to get their AZ or DZ licence.” – Jacques Gauthier

“I had a great learning experience. I graduated with confidence! The staff was excellent” – Darryl Williams

“The course was great, Bruce & Adam were great. Had lots of fun, really enjoyed it! Thanks NATT! Really awesome school.” – David Kay

“Was a helpful, well organized course and hands on training. They help in all aspects of a professional driving course! – Perry Armstrong

“I learned a lot at about trucking. The program is very knowledgeable. The trainers are very good and experienced.” – Anonymous

“Great course, learned lots. Instructors were great, very helpful. I would highly recommend to others!” – Christopher Barry, DZ Graduate

“Great course, instructor is fantastic, very helpful! Would recommend to others!” Christopher Matheson, DZ Graduate

“I enjoyed the program very much. I love my job and look forward to every rewarding day!! The trainers are thorough and dedicated. Covering every aspect to get your AZ. I highly recommend NATT to anyone wanting to better their lives towards a rewarding career. Thank you NATT! I couldn’t have done it without you!” Derek Browatzke, AZ Graduate

“NATT was absolutely the best choice I could have made! All of the staff were great people and all very helpful, answering any questions you may have. My trainer and teacher was excellent, very good at explaining things the way you could understand them and would take the time to adapt to your learning needs. Thanks to NATT I am a full time employee right out of class at Manitoulin Transport” – Jeremy Fraser AZ Graduate

“My experience was pretty awesome. I had two awesome instructors throughout my course. Everyone that works at NATT is so kind. The instructors will help you if you need help with something. So I like to say awesome job to all the staff that works there. I appreciate the experience I had throughout my course!” – Alexander Shigwadja, AZ Graduate

“Research indicated that NATT was by far more advanced and professional. The Instructors were very patient and knowledgeable. “
Deanne Mealey, NATT Graduate

“I really enjoyed my time at the NATT School. The instructors were knowledgeable and professional. The training they provided helped me to become a better driver both personally and professionally.” – Eric Poulin

“I really enjoyed this course. I’ve learned alot these past 6 weeks. The instructors were awesome teachers, I learned a lot from each of them I liked how it wasn’t all bookwork at the beginning of the course. We were able to get the gist of the tractor day one. All in all my experience here was amazing and helped so much.” Emily Miller

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