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Defensive Driving (Class G, D and A)

Duration: 2 Hours

Defensive Driving Training (Class G, D and A)
Course Objectives

This is not just another Defensive Driving Training Course, but one that provides factual and specific information for a greater understanding of vehicle safety and driving.

defensive driving

Module 1:
Duration: 2 hours


Course Description

Subjects of the program include:
    Defensive Driving
    • Graphic images of accidents and actual accidents as they occurred.
    • This course discusses blind spots, safe following distances and mirror
    • Reminders of railroad crossings, pedestrian courtesy and safety, vehicle
    condition and maintenance.
    • Seat belt usage and condition and sharing the road are important topics
    discussed in this program.
    • Dangers of drowsy driving, how aging affects driving, sharing the road with trucks
    and smaller vehicles, driving the speed limit, road rage and how to prevent it,
    drinking and driving, hydroplaning and what to do in case of an accident.
    • No driving course would be complete without mentioning the dreaded cell
    phones, iPods and texting.
    • Distracted driving is fast becoming a recognized hazard in today’s driving
    Winter Driving
    Preparing and adjusting to winter conditions
    Optional Module: Trailering
    • Hooking up, pre-trip, driving and parking with a trailer
    • Safe practices while driving, backing, parking with a trailer
    Review / Quiz
    Module 2
    Duration: 1hr
    • In Cab Driver Evaluation

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