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Professional Driver Improvement

Duration: Classroom Training: 4 hours

Professional Driver Improvement Course Objectives

PDIC helps professional drivers improve their defensive driving techniques. The Professional Driver Improvement Course instructors will show your drivers how to avoid potentially dangerous situations using theory and visual aids. Classroom participation involves case studies and active discussions about real-life situations, as well as identifying traffic hazards.

Course Description

Subjects of the program include:
  • defensive driving techniques such as passing and collision prevention
  • driving conditions, turns, backing, driver awareness and impairment
  • vehicle inspections
As an employer, you already have a large investment in you drivers, and this course will help them to: – prevent collisions – reduce vehicle abuse – prevent injuries – minimize operating costs – deliver cargo safely and on-time – maintain good driving habits Benefits to Your Company: – reduces operating costs – reduces collisions – reduces sick leave, insurance and other benefit payments – related to traffic collisions – reduces vehicle abuse and maintenance costs – increases customer satisfaction with on-time deliveries and undamaged product – increase morale

Wallet cards will be issued upon successful completion.

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