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Pre-Hire Evaluation

Duration: Classroom Training: 2 hours

Pre-Hire Evaluation Course Objectives

The concept of ‘Due Diligence’ is defined as an operator must take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances to protect the safety and health of their workers, customers and the general public. In turn the need for better standards of health and safety has been matched by an increasing requirement for documentation of commercial vehicle driver operations and activities.

Course Description

Although professional drivers may be experienced, pre-employment road tests are recommended to ensure the potential candidate demonstrates the required skills and abilities to operate your company’s equipment in a safe and professional manner. The Road test will consist of a pre-trip inspection, including:
  • coupling / uncoupling procedures
  • evaluation of the client’s overall driving skills
  • observing road management, shifting, mirror usage and backing skills

A Record of Road Test Form will be completed with our recommendation to either ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ the driver. An explanation will be included in addition to recommendations for improvement.


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