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Driving Safe this Summer: 11 Strategies for Safe Driving

Driving Safe this Summer: 11 Strategies for Safe Driving

driving safe this summer

With summer approaching, many people take vacations, cross-country road trips or day trips. Of course we need to mind the laws of the road like driving the speed limit, using your seat belt, and not drinking and driving, but there are other things to remember when driving this summer (and all the time!)

Stay safe while driving this summer with these highway driving tips.

Give your full attention

One of the biggest drive safe tips is to simply pay attention. Distracted driving is a huge factor in road accidents.

In fact, CAA states that 80% of collisions and 65% of near crashes have some form of driver inattention as contributing factors. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2010)

  • Avoid distractions like your cell phone.
  • Don’t text and drive.
  • Be well rested so you are alert.

Not only is technology a factor in distracted driving, but also make sure you’re rested so you are giving your complete attention to the road. Take breaks often when going on long road trips.

Stay safe at Night

Driving at dusk and when it’s dark can cause drivers to have a harder time seeing things on the road. This means we need to take extra caution with night-time driving.

  • Turn on your headlights before sunset to ensure other drivers see you.
  • Pay attention to potential animals on the side of the road.
  • Make sure your headlights, taillights, signal lights and windows are clean, to help you see.
  • Remember to dim your lights when approaching other cars.
  • Watch our for pedestrians and bikers.

Be cautious in work zones

More construction happens during the summer and you need to drive slower and more cautious in these work zones.

  • Slow down! Not only are speed limits increased when workers are present, but simply for safety reasons.
  • Give your full attention to driving, as workers and vehicles can quickly move in front of you.

Let’s share the roads safely this summer, be respectful of other motorists and follow the rules of the road.

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